Attending a Sale

The List

We will hand out entrance numbers at 8:00 am. Sales typically start at 9:00 am unless otherwise posted.

Entrance numbers are given out on Fridays only or if a one day sale, they will be given out for that day too.

If a list has been started by someone who arrived before you, be sure to put your name on it and stay with the list. You must be present to get your number.

Reason for numbers:

We always want to make sure that people are entering the home in a safe and polite manner. There are occasions when more than one party may be interested in the same item. We want to insure that things are fair for all the attendees.

It is recommended that the first person who arrives at the sale start a list, as others arrive- it will be their/your responsibility to find who has the list and sign in. Typically it will be the person closest to the driveway. We will hand out numbers according to the list that is provided to us by the attendees.

We cannot take responsibility or sides in case of a dispute. Having attending sales ourselves for many years we have concluded that this will be easier for all parties attending the sale.


Methods of Payment

We accept Cash, Local Checks (with id) and Credit cards with a minimum purchase of $100.00



Pick up/Delivery of Large Items

We prefer that all large items are picked up by the end of the sale. We will work with you to set another time for pickup if that window does not work for you. Each situation is different as related to time line dates for closings and cleanouts. Also our access to homes after the sale sometimes can be limited.

Some of the staff working for us do offer deliveries on a limited basis for a nominal fee. Always be sure to ask if this is a possibility.



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