Ellen Downer

My experience in this business came as a result of working in the Fine Art and Antique Auction industry. While raising two sons I also worked for various auctioneers including my husband’s auction gallery which is located in Newton-  Tremont Auctions.   Estate Sales soon became an off-shoot of the services provided by the Gallery. The last few years have seen an increase in the need for Estate Sale services as real estate sales are on the rise. My twenty plus years of experience with both Auction and Estate Sales has proven to be a great combination providing me with great opportunity to further grow this business as demand has been on the increase.

I enjoy working closely with my clients to help them transition through estate settlements, downsizes or in some cases- upsizes. Over the years I have also developed strong relationships with a number of colleagues in the industry. We have on a number of occasions teamed up and combined our services when the need arose.

My husband, Brett Downer, is a full time recognized Art and Antique Dealer as well as a licensed Auctioneer since 1976. With over forty years of experience he is always available to evaluate and assist with assessing and valuing Fine Art and Antiques.

We are always happy to come and visit to help determine and assess each situation. We also can offer to purchase and or liquidate the full or partial contents of your home if an Estate Sale is determined not to be the best option available. The visit is of course with no obligation or charge. We can always provide a list of references and can be available to answer your questions.

I am very pleased to have Joan join me in the endeavor as well as the great team of people that also work closely with us during the set up, execution and end of the sales. As a result of these relationships we are able to offer a variety of services which will include the ability to leave your home 100% empty and broom swept if that is what is called for. I look forward to the future and to be able to offer our services for Estate Sales and Estate Liquidations.

Joan Collins McKinnon

I have been buying and selling antiques and selective used furniture for more than 40 years. Having grown up and worked in my family’s antique businesses, Miss Flynn’s Antiques of Wellesley, Mass and Edward Collins Auction Co., I developed a passion for the trade. After graduating from the Univ. of Mass. in Amherst with a degree in history, I worked as an insurance broker and real estate agent while staying very involved with both of my family’s businesses, buying, selling and auctioneering.

As a real estate agent, I quickly saw a need to help people sell, not just their antiques, but all of the contents of their home. Conducting estate sales was the perfect solution.

My customer service based philosophy is crucial in helping people maximize the most value from the contents of their home, while recognizing that this is, all too often, a very emotional time.

I am happy to be joining Estate Sale Specialists where we are able to utilize both of our resources to provide even a greater level of service.

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